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 We are business & Investment Company based in Pakistan.

We are offering the following investment opportunities to the foreign investors to invest in Pakistan.

Investment Opportunity up to 50,000 USD OR 200,000 SAR (Saudi Riyals)


1. Bio Gas Energy

2. Live Stock Industry

3. Seed Oil Extraction Unit

4. Construction Project  (Commercial or Housing)


Investment Opportunity up to 100,000 USD OR 500,000 SAR(Saudi Riyals)


1. Mineral Water Plant

2. Aloe Vera Production, Processing Unit

3. Construction Blocks Manufacturing Unit

4. Leather Garments Manufacturing

5. Goat / Sheep Farming

6. Construction Project (Commercial or Housing)


Investment Opportunity up to 200,000 USD OR 10,00,000 SAR(Saudi Riyals)


1. Construction Project (Commercial or Housing)

2. Clay brick Manufacturing Unit

3. Construction Blocks

4. Private Hospital

5. Pet Bottles Manufacturing

6. Embroidery Unit


NOTE:  Pre feasibility study of a business is available for the investors

              Profit ratio is differ in each business

              Investment duration depends on the nature of business i.e Minimum 3 years, Maximum 10 years




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